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Dodgers Opening Day 2009

A great opening day. O Hudson hits for the cycle. Ethier hits two home runs. Billingsley pitched well. If we could get 85 or 90 more games like that this season we ought to do pretty well.  The fact that they did it with little help from Manny (not a bad thing) will serve them well. Manny will get hot. He’ll be carrying the team at times. But the fact that Ethier, Kemp and Hudson look so good so early is encouraging. It’ll be interesting to see what transpires tonight. I’m eager to see what Kershaw does tonight. He has promise and I think he potentially surpass Billingsley for the de fact ace of the squad.  He seems to carry a bit more swagger…could be ignorance but that could be helpful.

The sight of Vin Scully throwing out the first pitch on Monday just reinforced the fact that he’s probably the most beloved man in Los Angeles. He’s one of the last of his breed. With the passing of Harry Kalas on Monday, Scully’s pre-eminence is re-enforced. I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy the Harry Caray’s of the world and when Vin retires he will be sorely missed. Let’s all take at least a moment this season while we’re sitting on the porch or working in the yard and listening to a game savor his smooth voice as he calls the game. We must realize that won’t be able to forever.


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